Yin to the Yang

Well, black and white are my favourite colours. This two colours makes up 90% of my closet. Other colours only include dark green and dark blue. I don't keep clothes that I do not like.

I hope it doesn't bore people though, because I wear basics almost everyday. I layer/mix-and-match them to create new outfits. Some people are more observant, so, they would approach me to tell me, "I've seen you wear this for the fifth time."

Well I'm not exactly a person that just wear my clothes once (like Paris Hilton). I'm not really rich to do that. Plus I really hate colourful things, so, I can't follow all kinds of trends.

Fun fact about me: I love dirty roads.

My closet is basically black, grey, white, dark blue, stripes and flannels.

Mostly black though.

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