Youth Integration Forum 2014

Today, I had a forum at ITE Simei. I don't study there. However, it was pretty fun. I met so many new friends from different schools with different backgrounds. This forum was to have Singaporean youths and Chinese youths (from China) to interact with each other.


Review: Black Milk Mermaid Leggings

"This product is no longer being made."

*heart shatters*

It's no longer being made. However, I'm still going to share to all of you about Black Milk clothing.

I knew Black Milk clothing since I was in secondary school, so, that's around 3 years ago. They were pretty new back then. Not a lot of people knew about them. I was introduced to Black Milk by a friend named J. (I love you J.) She was obsessed about the prints of the leggings. She bought her first pair of leggings and told me, "Once you start buying BlackMilk, you will never stop. It's an addiction. The quality of the leggings are really really good."

Yes! The quality of the leggings are reaaaaaally awesome. They're thicker than most leggings you see at F21, H&M, Zara, etc. I wore normal panties with my BMs before, No one noticed the panty lining.

It's definitely worth the price.

Black Milk Mermaid Leggings

Featured on Black Milk Clothing's instagram.


I Love Hauls

Good day everyone!

Continue reading for a discount code!

I'm going to introduce everyone to this shop on Carousell. It's called "I Love Hauls". They sell a variety of things; pullovers, bracelets, iPhone cases, shoes, watches, and a lot more!

They sent me a heart choker to review on. The quality of the choker is amazing, a silver metal heart is held by a leather strap. It is adjustable, thus it is free-sized.

I don't think that they are selling the choker anymore. You might want to check with the owner and see if she has it.

I was so in love with her items I bought a pullover from her site using my friend's account (i suck haha).

You may contact her on her Carousell page: http://carousell.co/ilovehauls or her Instagram page: http://instagram.com/ilovehauls_ or her store on Tictail if you're not from Singapore: http://ilovehauls.tictail.com

She is having a giveaway on her Instagram and it would be awesome if you could join it.

Discount Code: Preserve 10%
Apply this discount code for a 10% off any items on her store.


Alexander Wang x H&M

After my 1-pm lesson, I went to H&M alone to shop for goodies from the Alexander Wang x H&M series. It has got to be the most bad-ass collection ever.

I actually wanted to get this dress, The sizes are one-size smaller than usual. Someone, please explain why. The bodycon dress fits my body so well but I decided to buy the reflective leggings and sandals instead because I had a little budget for myself. (Sigh, I am still a student, guys... But I love Alex Wang. I mean, who doesn't?)

I consider myself to be a lucky kid because I grabbed those leggings from a lady that couldn't wear it at the dressing room. I mean, what the hell? It's the last slot of Alexander Wang x H&M with no replenishes and I got hold of the leggings, and the leggings were in my size. So lucky, right? Man, I'm not sure if I have finished my luck for this year. I hope not.

AND! I was lucky again, because the sandals were the last pairs and they were also in my size.

Oh my God. Thank you Lady Luck.

After buying the two items, I felt so good. It must be retail therapy. When I reached home, I went to eBay and saw people selling them at triple the price. Wow. That made me even happier.

I'm definitely going to style the leggings with the sandals, just like how the model above is wearing it. I was told by people that "you can't wear leggings with slippers". Yeah? I think those people need to eat their words back, because it's a trend now.


The Body Shop

I splurged $51 on The Body Shop.

I even earned membership through this purchase. It was pretty surprising because I thought I wouldn't actually become a member just by spending $50. The original price was around $80+, however, after a 15% discount and $10 off from a voucher, it's just $51.

I bought three items from The Body Shop. Two items were Christmas specials: Frosted Cranberry Body Butter and Frosted Cranberry Lip Balm. Gosh they smell so sweet. It smells a little juicier than the Strawberry Lip Balm.

I also bought a concealer because you know, I went to Digital Fashion Week and they used a concealer on my skin and ot was the perfect shade (All-In-One Concealer 01) and I just fell in love with it.

Ah I can't wait to use the items soon!


Digital Fashion Week

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Today, I went to Singapore's Digital Fashion Week (European Exchange). My school invited some students to join the event. I went to the event with a friend, called C.

While waiting for the first show to start, there were many people that were dressed up from head to toe. Everyone looked beautiful. I felt a little bit intimidated because I was wearing "casual" "street-wear". C was wearing a pretty black dress that looked a little bit formal.

The event was at National Design Centre, so, it's a pretty artsy fartsy place. The building sells a lot of works done by local artists. I recognized some works because I always went to art fleas. I'm not sure, but I think the place that sells the goodies is called Kapok. I saw Feist Heist items, YesahYesah items, and many more. Gosh. Feist Heist definitely caught my eye first. As you guys know, I love love loveeeee monochrome. I love layering as well. So, it's currently my favourite store.

After walking for a little while, C got tired. So, we decided to head outside the building to get some refreshments. Hahaha, Fiji Water.

Here are my thoughts on Fiji Water. It is expensive water. But, it's just water. BUT, when I got back home, my dad argued that it's "waters from Fiji island" and "clear natural spring water filtered by awesome forests". Okay, fine, Dad. But, I still think it's just water that rich people drink.

While hanging out around the refreshments, a guy recognized me and asked me to come over. He was selling ZIIIRO watches. I don't recognize him at all actually. He told me he knows that I like As I Lay Dying because he saw me wear their t-shirt before. Yes, I'm a metal head. I don't look like one, but I need metal in order to study. METAL RULES!!!!! 

C actually knew that he's from Temasek Polytechnic and knows his life story. Pretty shocked when she said that. While C and the guy were talking, I went to grab a shot of vodka. Oh my GOD. I have never drank vodka before. It tasted so bitter. However, after a while, I got used to the bitterness and actually liked it. Surprisingly, I didn't get drunk even though it's my first time drinking vodka.

C and I had lunch at a nearby TCC and my Triple Shrooms Baked Rice is just freaking plain cheesy awesome. It's the best thing evaaaa. However, I'm not really satisfied about their service though. It's kind of shitty. Just go there for the food, guys, go there for the food..

OH, and, after lunch, I had a freaking make-over at The Body Shop's booth. The make-up artist put some concealer on my face and some red lipstick. C told me the lipstick colour suited my skin tone. That's great. I'm planning to get the concealer because I can really see the difference with the concealer and without the concealer. (Note to self: It's the concealer that is the fairest of ALL)

Here's a selfie after my make-over:

Oh and yes, that is my pretty friend.

I also met a fashion blogger, Willabelle. (Fangirling mode: ON)

She told me I looked cute. Gaaah so happy. I didn't get a chance to see the other bloggers though, because I went  off after the second fashion show.

I met some new friends as well. They are also from the same school as I. I cannot wait to see them around in school.

Peace :)


Featured on Ming Hui's shop.


60 Years of Made In Italy

Today, I wore a dress from Ming Hui's shop. She sells female clothings at an extremely cheap price. It is always less than $10. Quote "preservexshopmh" for another additional 10% off! Yes, you can use this code even at clothes that are on sale.

You may view her items on Carousell: http://carousell.co/limminghui9909. She has served hundreds of customers and she is extremely friendly as well.

She also updates on surprise sales on her instagram: http://instagram.com/shopwithminghui

Anyways, I went for a small exhibit today at Scotts Square. S and I were expecting it to be a museum filled with a lot of clothes. It wasn't. It was rather disappointing. We needed to take pictures in order to prove that we did go to the exhibit (so that we get points for attendance). Thus, after a short photo shoot at the exhibit, we went to Tangs.

I found this dividers really attractive. It's gold-coated and it's a vanity divider. So cute. I definitely will get a pair when I get my own house. We decided to go to a Movember Flea (support mustaches!) at People's Park Complex. It was hosted by The Local People Singapore.

We took a bus from Tangs. I bought a few stickers at the flea from a few local artists. I support local art and I want Singaporeans to see art in a different way. Most Singaporeans think that it is more practical to work on a real business, for example, working in an office. Or, some traditional parents will want their children to pursue in Sciences/Law/Engineering.

After walking around for some time, S and I decided to get some drinks. We bought this SOI 55 Thai Milk Tea before the queue got long. Yes, the queues for food are really long. Singaporeans are mostly foodies and when they see a long queue, they immediately think that it's definitely good food. I haven't seen milk tea that is orange-red before, thus I tried it out. It's pretty good. It tastes like milk tea. But I wonder what they put inside the milk tea to make it orangey...

The Movember Flea definitely helped opened my eyes towards art and the future of Singapore art.

Oh, I also met new friends! Such as the owners of the stores. They recognized me as "preserve" on Instagram. (Do follow me if you'd like! :)) I also met an online friend which also loves art. Her name is K. K has the same fashion sense as I do.

I am happy that today went extremely well.