Happy Halloween

After school, IL told my class to stay back to eat her birthday cake made by AL. We didn't have tissues, so we used our hands to eat the cake. The problem is, the cake was the tumblr M&M and Kit Kat cake. #foodporn

I stole this picture from Google. The cake looks exactly like the image above though. Except, the kit-kats were dropping and the M&Ms were falling everywhere.

It's so good, it feels like guilty pleasure. It was my dinner. However, my hands were covered in chocolate even before I finished the cake. My hands smelled like chocolate. I licked my fingers clean before heading to the toilet to wash my hands. Anyways, I hoped IL enjoyed her day and also liked The Face Shop paper bag that I gave her. (Hahaha there's something inside.)

Happy Birthday IL.


OCPD: Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

Bucket Hat from: KYC Vintage

Hello everyone. I have slight OCPD. OCPD and OCD is actually pretty different. I mean, although we sound like the same thing, it's still different. People with OCD have behaviours that are unwanted and unhealthy. However, people with OCPD are told to be rational and desirable. People with OCPD are perfectionists.

I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I love to be a perfectionist. Sometimes I hate it because I find it so troublesome. Sometimes, when I am so tired, but my work is imperfect, I wouldn't sleep. I need my work to be perfectly done, neat and tidy. I also follow a daily routine. If I failed to follow it, I will be unhappy for the night.

The clothes I wear must also match. My closet must fulfill a theme. My clothes must be in white, black, grey, dark blue, dark green or brown. Clothes that doesn't fit into my closet will be sold or donated. The photos I take must be in the highest quality as possible. My instagram feed must be consistent. If I don't feel that my photos match my feed, I will delete them.

Is this still called "slight OCPD"? I am not sure anymore.



I was never an optimist. I never looked at things the way other people did. I had depression before. It was a silent depression. No one knew about it till I suddenly raged on one night. I punched the wall till my knuckles bled. It's kind of sad to look back in time. I'm fine now though. I'm happy. I'm going to change the topic.

I turned 6 years old on Twitter! I received this in my e-mail telling me that I've been on Twitter since I was in Secondary 1. (I'm 18 now, studying in TP.)

I wonder what my first tweet was...

Squat Naish

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WLC Shop

Something funny actually happened when I was on my way home. I was sitting alone in the train when suddenly, a guy sat beside me. There were a lot of empty seats, but he chose to sit next to me. So, I took a glance at him. He was wearing a white bucket hat and has an enlarged earlobe. While, I, on the other hand, was wearing a black bucket hat.

He was also wearing a black pullover. I, was wearing a grey pullover.

The whole time when he was sitting next to me, I felt like we were some yin yang couple. When the train stopped at the next station, more people came into the train cabin. Three ladies sat directly opposite to us. They kept smiling at us. They must be thinking that we look cute or something (but actually we're strangers).

I was "on my earphones". Well, why did I use those bunny ears? Because, I was on my earphones, except, the music wasn't loud enough to muffle the sounds from my surroundings. I can still hear people's conversations.

To be honest, I heard the whole conversation the three ladies had. They were smiling because they thought we are a cute couple and we're like, "one black and one white". And they also talked about us (me and the guy), not talking even when we're out together. Um. The guy was on his earphones too. And he just kept looking at his phone. I guess that's why the three ladies were commenting on that.

Anyways, when it reached the train station I was heading to, I stood up and walked off. The smile on the three ladies disappeared. Instead, they looked confused. They thought I was on a date with the bucket hat guy.

How funny.

EH, DON'T GO AWAY YET. I've good deals to share!

"Buy one for $7, two for $13!"

I've collaborated with WLCSHOP on Instagram. The owner had kindly sent me two items to review on. The first item is a choker. It's a really simple velvet choker with a small silver accent on it. Okay, guys, I'm a huge minimal freak. This choker is definitely, I repeat, definitely, the Staple Piece in my choker collection.

The second item she sent me is a necklace with a colour-changing pendant. I don't know why it's not showing in the main picture above but here's more pretty pictures of the pendant.

It's so frigging pretty. It's prettier in real life. They have two lockers in Hako at Serangoon Nex Mall (Basement 2). Head down there and you can see those colour-changing babies for yourself.

If Serangoon is too far for you, they have fleas at *Scape (near 313 Somerset) occasionally. I actually went there with my friend once. My friend bought a heart choker while I bought a skeleton necklace. We only paid $6.50 each instead of $7 each as it was $13 for 2. The owner is extremely friendly. I think I saw her mother as well. (AHHAHAHAHA)

Well, if you ain't got no time to travel so far, you can visit their Carousell at this link: http://www.carousell.co/wlcshop. They will mail your items directly to your house.

Also, do follow their instagram http://instagram.com/wlcshop for updates on fleas and sales!

If you got something from WLCSHOP because you read my post, please let them know! It'll show that I did my job ya.

Colour-Changing Pendant

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Minimal Fashion

I was going through some fashion magazine and saw this extremely attractive pair of sandals.

Ann Demeulemeester Black Bistrap Sandals $801

So pretty.

I stopped flipping the magazine when I saw this on a model. I want this pair of sandals.

It looks like a pair of sandals which I can wear with any outfit. I can even wear these with sweatpants. I can wear this to the supermarket. I can wear this to the beach. I can wear this ANYWHERE!

I want it.


I won

So I woke up on a nice Saturday morning, and when I checked my phone, I received notifications from A List SG that I won. They tagged me in the photo. They DM-ed my instagram. They also posted a photo in their instagram. I was so thrilled.

For the first few minutes, I was jumping around. And after jumping, the pain from my sprained ankle came. (I sprained my ankle yesterday. Want to know what happened? Click here.) Excitement actually made my pain go away (for a while, before it came back).

Is this even real? I mean, what the heck? I won?
"Winner of a pair of tickets to Dim Sum Dollies"

The first person that came to my mind was my dad. I want to bring him there. I like my dad more than my mom. I don't know why. I feel that I can connect to him more. My mom just keeps screaming and stuff when I talk to her about art. But I do not have any problems talking to my mom. I don't have any family problems. It's just because, Dim Sum Dollies is a musical, which is related to art. I don't think my mother actually understands what is art.

For other shit, like menstruation and girl problems, I'd talk to my mom.

Anyways, they told me to e-mail them my details. So, I did. I'm waiting for their reply right now.

I'm soooooooooo happy.


I sprained my ankle

Um. Ow.

Sprained my ankle, thanks creepers.

I'm like having a love-hate relationship with my creepers right now.

Love, because:
1) Height
2) Comfort
3) Height is everything

1) One bad move and I'll fall and bYE ANKLES
2) The laces get loose after walking for a while

How I sprained my ankle:
I was walking down the stairs and kaboom idk how but I tripped and fell forward I landed on my knees, kneeling down like I'm praying to god. Obviously, people saw, and they helped me up. A girl asked if I was okay. A guy picked up my hat. I'm thankful for the people in my school. They are nice.

Yap. Maybe I shouldn't wear them to school. Because today, I did, and I caused troubles to myself and my friend. I need to thank V for helping me today. She went to MacDonalds to get me food because I can't walk properly (ya I needed to sit down and rest my ankles) 

She even offered to bring me ice but mehhh I believe in hot, not cold.

Thanks again V.

A List SG

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A List SG Competition

Dear The A List Singapore,

I really want to win the tickets to watch Dim Sum Dollies. I love musicals but never been to a real musical before. Please choose me.



Colours Make Me Sick

I think it's becoming a condition that colours make me sick. Especially bright colours, I can't take it anymore.

I would go like, "ew ew ew ew" (silently, in my brain) when someone in a bright red t-shirt passes by me.

Oh, and by the way, if you guys are wondering what I want for my birthday next year.. I want this.


Spirited Away

School started yesterday and I only went back home at 8pm. It sucks. It is tiring. Plus I'm really picky about my stationeries and school supplies. I like everything to be neat and tidy. Sounds like OCD? I have slight OCD. However the name for my situation is atelophobia. Some people cannot understand why I act like a stinky ass sometimes. When things are messy, I get annoyed and roll my eyes and get bitchy because part of my brain tells me that I cannot show people I am scared.

I'm learning to control this problem. 


Yin to the Yang

Well, black and white are my favourite colours. This two colours makes up 90% of my closet. Other colours only include dark green and dark blue. I don't keep clothes that I do not like.

I hope it doesn't bore people though, because I wear basics almost everyday. I layer/mix-and-match them to create new outfits. Some people are more observant, so, they would approach me to tell me, "I've seen you wear this for the fifth time."

Well I'm not exactly a person that just wear my clothes once (like Paris Hilton). I'm not really rich to do that. Plus I really hate colourful things, so, I can't follow all kinds of trends.

Fun fact about me: I love dirty roads.

My closet is basically black, grey, white, dark blue, stripes and flannels.

Mostly black though.

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Midnight rants

I really cannot stand my chipped black nails but I'm really lazy to remove the nail polish and paint it again.

Must be the Annie working up again.

Actually, I wanted to draw a skeleton hand on my hand. However, I can't even press the right amount of henna I want on my skin yet. So, I'm just messing around with it.

I had a class outing today but I didn't go because I had a course to attend at school and it's compulsory to attend because I am invited (specially). It's for student leaders, scholars and high achievers only. Kind of like an exclusive event I guess.

School is reopening next week and I hope my life will be better and happier. God please give me strength in myself. :')

Sigh this post is posted at 10am instead because I fell asleep half way.


Review: Underground Triple Sole Creepers (Black Suede)

Oh my God I am so excited as fuck.

I just brought my bad boys back home. These baddies were from another owner. So this is second-hand. I'm surprised how well the previous owner took care of her creepers, it looks almost brand new. I bought them for SGD$95. They were retailed at around SGD$200-$250.

Price: $95
Size: UK6
Colour: Black Suede
Condition: Second-hand

The sizing

They are one size bigger than the usual sizing as they are unisex- guys can wear them as well! (Duh, The Teddy Boys wore them. MCR as well!!! ohmaigawd my Gerald Way) Thus, I got a size smaller than my normal shoe size. 


The shoe came with a tag and also, a keychain made with the same material as the shoe.

"Our mission is propagate Britain's rebellous style heritage."


The height

The heel height of the shoe is 8.5cm at the back. (Yah when I wear this I feel like a giant-179cm tall. However, to me, height is everything. I don't care if someone told me that I'm already tall enough and I don't need any more addition to my height. I don't fucking care. I wear what I want.)


Okay guys (and girls), you will definitely trip on these babies. You'll probably sprain your ankle. But after a few walks and drops, you will learn how to walk on them. I can run in mine now. Oh and after wearing for some time, they will become so comfortable (like a pair of Vans/Converse/sneakers). Plus, this is secondhand, thus, it's already broken in and soooo comfy.

Alright, I'll end my post here with a picture of me wearing these hahaha.

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A few days ago, I found an advertisement on instagram. They were looking for hair models. I looked down at my hair and I was like, "Holy fuck this is calling for me."

Yes, I have a hair obsession and I tend to keep my hair long. I love long hair. I love long hair on boys. The advertisement said that the hair cut will be free and the hairdresser will also give a free hair wash. Woo! I don't have to wash my hair that day!

My hair is entirely straight, long and it has no layers. I like(d) it that way. I can curl my hair anyway I want. I can tie 9 buns on my hair. I can tie 9 pig tails on my hair. But, something inside me just wanted me to cut it short. So, I decided to contact the person about "hair modelling" and I booked an appointment.

When my father came back home from work, I told him about it. He told me that it might be some student (hairdresser) cutting my hair. I totally agreed on that. I mean, during 'O' Levels Oral, we got a picture depicting a student (hairdresser) cutting someone's hair. I replied my father, telling him that I know the risks, but I'm going, because I need to change my hairstyle.

I wanted my hair to be mid-length (hair till the shoulders oolala) with like dip-dye dark blue hair.

Something like this, but it will transition from black to dark blue, not turquoise.

Unnatural hair colours are something that I've always want to do, but I'm in a strict school (actually if I went design they wouldn't care less but HELLO? I'M IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING?? fml)

When I went to the hair salon, I had to look for someone called Lee. Because this is a real life story, I don't want to embarrass anyone, so I'm using a fake name. Okay, so, actually, while I was walking to the salon, "Lee" was walking towards me casually, not knowing that I'm going for the hair modelling thingy. I, as well, do not know that THAT WAS HIM. He just stared at me. I stared back.

Then, when I reached the salon, I told the reception that I'm looking for Lee. He appeared behind me and waved. What. Coincidence?

So uh he washed my hair, cut my hair, talked to me about school, talked to me about my future, talked to me about promoting his shop... etc. Apparently, he also wanted me to consider dying my hair. (hahahaha) (ahahahhaha) (trying to make business) (ahahahaha) (like as if I don't know) (hahahaha) I did dye my hair. I dyed the insides of my hair NOT LONG AGO.

Like that, exactly what the image shows.

So I was like, keeping quiet, and stuff, and also being weird because I don't want to spend money on that day. He also kept telling me I had to dye my hair. I didn't want to argue, so I kept quiet. He also told me indirectly that my hair looks hideous, and that it is just long straight hair with no shape. Then after the hair cut, he just asked me to leave the salon myself. (Hey guys, the salon is fucking huge, probably bigger than my 5-room flat, there's like more than 60 chairs for people to have their hair done and shit) I'm like, "Uh.. Okay." And I kind of got lost.

So, guys, if you're planning to get a free hair-cut, you're most likely going to get this kind of treatment. Either you suck it up, or you blog about it (like me SO I CAN FUCKING RANT HOW BAD THE SERVICE WAS).

I think I will never go back to his store. I asked for a mid-length hair cut and he just trimmed my hair.

Yup I think I should go now before I explode more.


Envy and God(s)

I don't think I am the only one that has this problem. There is always someone in our lives that's envious of us. Or we are envious of them.

I always have this feeling that one of my close friends is just envious of me. Maybe it is because I have a complete family. Maybe it is because I always maintained my GPA. (My GPA can buy a packet of chicken rice, so that is pretty fine right?) However, no one in tertiary schools will know your GPA, unless you reveal it to them. So how can this friend of mine walks up to my face and tell me, "I bet your GPA is super high."

I am not a Christian, but isn't envy one of the 7 deadly sins?

Envy – painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage: “Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation” (1 Peter 2:1-2).

Humans do make mistakes. Will we all go to hell because of one sin? This is a huge question that's stuck in my mind. How can we repent our sins? Is that even possible? What is done, is done, right? A few minutes ago, I read a yahoo answer. The person said that sinners will go to hell without Jesus. Um...

This is unfair. In the bible, Jesus loves everyone. Why do only people that believe in him, go to heaven?

What if, there are more Gods? 

What if, there are no Gods?

What if, we are believing in the wrong God?

What if, the Gods and deities of the different religions are the same God, but in different forms?

Sigh I don't want to question anymore. This makes me sad. I just wish that any God up there would help the Earth. Help the poor. Help stop Cancer. Help bring peace to wars. Help :'( Please help. Many people are crying for help. Please don't tell me about free will. WHY CAN'T GOD HELP THE INNOCENT?

Sorry for caps.


Botanic Gardens

Thank you for the day, mummy and daddy. It was really fun to find out where you two took your wedding photos. The place was still there, just like it was 22 years ago.

The famous tree, which appears on the Singapore $5 Note, is still there. My dad told me that there was no barriers around the tree last time. Anyone could go and sit on the tree trunks and take photos. However, it won't be possible anymore. The tree is old, and metal bars are needed to support the tree. Thus, they had to enclose it with a barrier. It is a national treasure after all.

I have learned a lot by just taking a visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I also saw a few newly-weds taking their photos at the Botanic Gardens. This made me thought about having my wedding photos taken at the Bandstand in the future.

Well, let's hope that the Bandstand would still be around when I get married (hopefully I will).


Salmon Sushi

This is my all time favourite snack - sushi.

There is a saying that goes, "If you hate salmon, we can't be friends." I agree with that. If you hate salmon, we can't be friends. My love for sashimi is in an endless abyss.

I have one bucket list that I want to accomplish before I die- go to Japan.
I want to stay in Japan for a year to see how the weather changes from Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, Winter to Spring.

"A" Choker Necklace

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