I won

So I woke up on a nice Saturday morning, and when I checked my phone, I received notifications from A List SG that I won. They tagged me in the photo. They DM-ed my instagram. They also posted a photo in their instagram. I was so thrilled.

For the first few minutes, I was jumping around. And after jumping, the pain from my sprained ankle came. (I sprained my ankle yesterday. Want to know what happened? Click here.) Excitement actually made my pain go away (for a while, before it came back).

Is this even real? I mean, what the heck? I won?
"Winner of a pair of tickets to Dim Sum Dollies"

The first person that came to my mind was my dad. I want to bring him there. I like my dad more than my mom. I don't know why. I feel that I can connect to him more. My mom just keeps screaming and stuff when I talk to her about art. But I do not have any problems talking to my mom. I don't have any family problems. It's just because, Dim Sum Dollies is a musical, which is related to art. I don't think my mother actually understands what is art.

For other shit, like menstruation and girl problems, I'd talk to my mom.

Anyways, they told me to e-mail them my details. So, I did. I'm waiting for their reply right now.

I'm soooooooooo happy.

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