OCPD: Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

Bucket Hat from: KYC Vintage

Hello everyone. I have slight OCPD. OCPD and OCD is actually pretty different. I mean, although we sound like the same thing, it's still different. People with OCD have behaviours that are unwanted and unhealthy. However, people with OCPD are told to be rational and desirable. People with OCPD are perfectionists.

I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I love to be a perfectionist. Sometimes I hate it because I find it so troublesome. Sometimes, when I am so tired, but my work is imperfect, I wouldn't sleep. I need my work to be perfectly done, neat and tidy. I also follow a daily routine. If I failed to follow it, I will be unhappy for the night.

The clothes I wear must also match. My closet must fulfill a theme. My clothes must be in white, black, grey, dark blue, dark green or brown. Clothes that doesn't fit into my closet will be sold or donated. The photos I take must be in the highest quality as possible. My instagram feed must be consistent. If I don't feel that my photos match my feed, I will delete them.

Is this still called "slight OCPD"? I am not sure anymore.

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