Botanic Gardens

Thank you for the day, mummy and daddy. It was really fun to find out where you two took your wedding photos. The place was still there, just like it was 22 years ago.

The famous tree, which appears on the Singapore $5 Note, is still there. My dad told me that there was no barriers around the tree last time. Anyone could go and sit on the tree trunks and take photos. However, it won't be possible anymore. The tree is old, and metal bars are needed to support the tree. Thus, they had to enclose it with a barrier. It is a national treasure after all.

I have learned a lot by just taking a visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I also saw a few newly-weds taking their photos at the Botanic Gardens. This made me thought about having my wedding photos taken at the Bandstand in the future.

Well, let's hope that the Bandstand would still be around when I get married (hopefully I will).

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