The Moon Label


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Please don't use this code anymore as it is invalid now. But please still support The Moon Label!

The Moon Label and I have collaborated on Instagram. She sent me two items. The first item is a beautiful elephant choker. When I wore this out, people asked me if I'm in a tribe. (Heh. I know, I know.)

OOS in store (updated on 20th October)

The second item is an alien choker. This store sells the most unique jewelry in Singapore. She brings in stuff from the Moon and ships them worldwide from Singapore.

You can also find them on Instagram for more updates.


Molten Lava Cake

Have you ever bit your tongue while sneezing?

This is just my love for molten chocolate cake with complimentary vanilla ice cream.

I actually shared this with a good friend of mine. (If she is reading this, hello chiobu! Chiobu: means pretty girl) We used an app to purchase the cake before heading towards the restaurant to eat. Thus, it's cheaper.

However, this restaurant doesn't have wi-fi. I'm a huge wi-fi beggar. I have new e-mails from Vogue Magazine to say that my subscription is almost over. Or I'll have this itch to tweet something on twitter.

I feel that free wi-fi is important in any shopping malls. Who doesn't want free wi-fi? I don't know anyone that doesn't.

Alter Ego Bracelet

Featured by No Impression's instagram.