Review: Underground Triple Sole Creepers (Black Suede)

Oh my God I am so excited as fuck.

I just brought my bad boys back home. These baddies were from another owner. So this is second-hand. I'm surprised how well the previous owner took care of her creepers, it looks almost brand new. I bought them for SGD$95. They were retailed at around SGD$200-$250.

Price: $95
Size: UK6
Colour: Black Suede
Condition: Second-hand

The sizing

They are one size bigger than the usual sizing as they are unisex- guys can wear them as well! (Duh, The Teddy Boys wore them. MCR as well!!! ohmaigawd my Gerald Way) Thus, I got a size smaller than my normal shoe size. 


The shoe came with a tag and also, a keychain made with the same material as the shoe.

"Our mission is propagate Britain's rebellous style heritage."


The height

The heel height of the shoe is 8.5cm at the back. (Yah when I wear this I feel like a giant-179cm tall. However, to me, height is everything. I don't care if someone told me that I'm already tall enough and I don't need any more addition to my height. I don't fucking care. I wear what I want.)


Okay guys (and girls), you will definitely trip on these babies. You'll probably sprain your ankle. But after a few walks and drops, you will learn how to walk on them. I can run in mine now. Oh and after wearing for some time, they will become so comfortable (like a pair of Vans/Converse/sneakers). Plus, this is secondhand, thus, it's already broken in and soooo comfy.

Alright, I'll end my post here with a picture of me wearing these hahaha.

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