I sprained my ankle

Um. Ow.

Sprained my ankle, thanks creepers.

I'm like having a love-hate relationship with my creepers right now.

Love, because:
1) Height
2) Comfort
3) Height is everything

1) One bad move and I'll fall and bYE ANKLES
2) The laces get loose after walking for a while

How I sprained my ankle:
I was walking down the stairs and kaboom idk how but I tripped and fell forward I landed on my knees, kneeling down like I'm praying to god. Obviously, people saw, and they helped me up. A girl asked if I was okay. A guy picked up my hat. I'm thankful for the people in my school. They are nice.

Yap. Maybe I shouldn't wear them to school. Because today, I did, and I caused troubles to myself and my friend. I need to thank V for helping me today. She went to MacDonalds to get me food because I can't walk properly (ya I needed to sit down and rest my ankles) 

She even offered to bring me ice but mehhh I believe in hot, not cold.

Thanks again V.

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