A few days ago, I found an advertisement on instagram. They were looking for hair models. I looked down at my hair and I was like, "Holy fuck this is calling for me."

Yes, I have a hair obsession and I tend to keep my hair long. I love long hair. I love long hair on boys. The advertisement said that the hair cut will be free and the hairdresser will also give a free hair wash. Woo! I don't have to wash my hair that day!

My hair is entirely straight, long and it has no layers. I like(d) it that way. I can curl my hair anyway I want. I can tie 9 buns on my hair. I can tie 9 pig tails on my hair. But, something inside me just wanted me to cut it short. So, I decided to contact the person about "hair modelling" and I booked an appointment.

When my father came back home from work, I told him about it. He told me that it might be some student (hairdresser) cutting my hair. I totally agreed on that. I mean, during 'O' Levels Oral, we got a picture depicting a student (hairdresser) cutting someone's hair. I replied my father, telling him that I know the risks, but I'm going, because I need to change my hairstyle.

I wanted my hair to be mid-length (hair till the shoulders oolala) with like dip-dye dark blue hair.

Something like this, but it will transition from black to dark blue, not turquoise.

Unnatural hair colours are something that I've always want to do, but I'm in a strict school (actually if I went design they wouldn't care less but HELLO? I'M IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING?? fml)

When I went to the hair salon, I had to look for someone called Lee. Because this is a real life story, I don't want to embarrass anyone, so I'm using a fake name. Okay, so, actually, while I was walking to the salon, "Lee" was walking towards me casually, not knowing that I'm going for the hair modelling thingy. I, as well, do not know that THAT WAS HIM. He just stared at me. I stared back.

Then, when I reached the salon, I told the reception that I'm looking for Lee. He appeared behind me and waved. What. Coincidence?

So uh he washed my hair, cut my hair, talked to me about school, talked to me about my future, talked to me about promoting his shop... etc. Apparently, he also wanted me to consider dying my hair. (hahahaha) (ahahahhaha) (trying to make business) (ahahahaha) (like as if I don't know) (hahahaha) I did dye my hair. I dyed the insides of my hair NOT LONG AGO.

Like that, exactly what the image shows.

So I was like, keeping quiet, and stuff, and also being weird because I don't want to spend money on that day. He also kept telling me I had to dye my hair. I didn't want to argue, so I kept quiet. He also told me indirectly that my hair looks hideous, and that it is just long straight hair with no shape. Then after the hair cut, he just asked me to leave the salon myself. (Hey guys, the salon is fucking huge, probably bigger than my 5-room flat, there's like more than 60 chairs for people to have their hair done and shit) I'm like, "Uh.. Okay." And I kind of got lost.

So, guys, if you're planning to get a free hair-cut, you're most likely going to get this kind of treatment. Either you suck it up, or you blog about it (like me SO I CAN FUCKING RANT HOW BAD THE SERVICE WAS).

I think I will never go back to his store. I asked for a mid-length hair cut and he just trimmed my hair.

Yup I think I should go now before I explode more.

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