End of May Updates

I haven't been touching my blog for a while. Not sure what is the reason. Maybe I was just too lazy. I'm inspired by a speaker to do journaling again. I think I should get a diary.

Just some updates on my life

1. I've been learning Italian.

I've been using this application called Duolingo. It really helps Italian newbies to speak basic Italian. Plus, I needed to get my skills segment checked off my NYAA modules. So, learning Italian kind of equals out to killing two birds with one stone- finish skills segment and also learn a new language so I would know how to communicate when I go Italy.

2. I picked up brush lettering.

Tumblr just made me caught my attention on pretty artworks and watercolour paintings, and now I also get to know some interesting artists. 

Plus, my class played a game called Angels and Mortals. It's a gift-letter exchanging game. It's really fun when everyone actually contributes to it. I totally need to thank the mastermind of the game, RS, because she totally knew that I had similar interests with my "Mortal". My "Mortal" loves to game and cycle. Well, two similar interests, wooooah. I don't know who my "Angel" is. But I have a gut feeling that it is N. He keeps looking out for me for some reasons.

3. Low carbohydrate diet

I've been eating really little carbohydrates for the last two weeks.

My starting weight was 57-58kg.

Today, I weigh 54kg.

I lost 3-4kg just in two weeks by just changing my diet. I can feel my stomach becoming smaller, and I can feel my abds now.

I'm not doing any regular daily exercise either. I only cycled once in these two weeks. Plus, I had some cheating meals when I ate rice (a total no-no in low carb diet). When that happened, I just gained back 1kg. Yeah, well, ha, lesson learned.

I cut down my variety of fruits that I consume. I only added avocadoes into my diet. I loooove avocadoes.

4. I lost interest in Rilakkuma.

Remember that post where I posted a lot of Rilakkuma emojis?

Yeah, I lost interest in it.

I do find it cute though. But, I don't want my environment to be filled with it anymore.

5. I'll end this with an OOTD

Cap: Adidas
Jacket: Unknown
Shirt: Acid SG
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Dr Martens