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Something funny actually happened when I was on my way home. I was sitting alone in the train when suddenly, a guy sat beside me. There were a lot of empty seats, but he chose to sit next to me. So, I took a glance at him. He was wearing a white bucket hat and has an enlarged earlobe. While, I, on the other hand, was wearing a black bucket hat.

He was also wearing a black pullover. I, was wearing a grey pullover.

The whole time when he was sitting next to me, I felt like we were some yin yang couple. When the train stopped at the next station, more people came into the train cabin. Three ladies sat directly opposite to us. They kept smiling at us. They must be thinking that we look cute or something (but actually we're strangers).

I was "on my earphones". Well, why did I use those bunny ears? Because, I was on my earphones, except, the music wasn't loud enough to muffle the sounds from my surroundings. I can still hear people's conversations.

To be honest, I heard the whole conversation the three ladies had. They were smiling because they thought we are a cute couple and we're like, "one black and one white". And they also talked about us (me and the guy), not talking even when we're out together. Um. The guy was on his earphones too. And he just kept looking at his phone. I guess that's why the three ladies were commenting on that.

Anyways, when it reached the train station I was heading to, I stood up and walked off. The smile on the three ladies disappeared. Instead, they looked confused. They thought I was on a date with the bucket hat guy.

How funny.

EH, DON'T GO AWAY YET. I've good deals to share!

"Buy one for $7, two for $13!"

I've collaborated with WLCSHOP on Instagram. The owner had kindly sent me two items to review on. The first item is a choker. It's a really simple velvet choker with a small silver accent on it. Okay, guys, I'm a huge minimal freak. This choker is definitely, I repeat, definitely, the Staple Piece in my choker collection.

The second item she sent me is a necklace with a colour-changing pendant. I don't know why it's not showing in the main picture above but here's more pretty pictures of the pendant.

It's so frigging pretty. It's prettier in real life. They have two lockers in Hako at Serangoon Nex Mall (Basement 2). Head down there and you can see those colour-changing babies for yourself.

If Serangoon is too far for you, they have fleas at *Scape (near 313 Somerset) occasionally. I actually went there with my friend once. My friend bought a heart choker while I bought a skeleton necklace. We only paid $6.50 each instead of $7 each as it was $13 for 2. The owner is extremely friendly. I think I saw her mother as well. (AHHAHAHAHA)

Well, if you ain't got no time to travel so far, you can visit their Carousell at this link: http://www.carousell.co/wlcshop. They will mail your items directly to your house.

Also, do follow their instagram http://instagram.com/wlcshop for updates on fleas and sales!

If you got something from WLCSHOP because you read my post, please let them know! It'll show that I did my job ya.

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