The Body Shop

I splurged $51 on The Body Shop.

I even earned membership through this purchase. It was pretty surprising because I thought I wouldn't actually become a member just by spending $50. The original price was around $80+, however, after a 15% discount and $10 off from a voucher, it's just $51.

I bought three items from The Body Shop. Two items were Christmas specials: Frosted Cranberry Body Butter and Frosted Cranberry Lip Balm. Gosh they smell so sweet. It smells a little juicier than the Strawberry Lip Balm.

I also bought a concealer because you know, I went to Digital Fashion Week and they used a concealer on my skin and ot was the perfect shade (All-In-One Concealer 01) and I just fell in love with it.

Ah I can't wait to use the items soon!

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