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Good day everyone!

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I'm going to introduce everyone to this shop on Carousell. It's called "I Love Hauls". They sell a variety of things; pullovers, bracelets, iPhone cases, shoes, watches, and a lot more!

They sent me a heart choker to review on. The quality of the choker is amazing, a silver metal heart is held by a leather strap. It is adjustable, thus it is free-sized.

I don't think that they are selling the choker anymore. You might want to check with the owner and see if she has it.

I was so in love with her items I bought a pullover from her site using my friend's account (i suck haha).

You may contact her on her Carousell page: http://carousell.co/ilovehauls or her Instagram page: http://instagram.com/ilovehauls_ or her store on Tictail if you're not from Singapore: http://ilovehauls.tictail.com

She is having a giveaway on her Instagram and it would be awesome if you could join it.

Discount Code: Preserve 10%
Apply this discount code for a 10% off any items on her store.

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