Alexander Wang x H&M

After my 1-pm lesson, I went to H&M alone to shop for goodies from the Alexander Wang x H&M series. It has got to be the most bad-ass collection ever.

I actually wanted to get this dress, The sizes are one-size smaller than usual. Someone, please explain why. The bodycon dress fits my body so well but I decided to buy the reflective leggings and sandals instead because I had a little budget for myself. (Sigh, I am still a student, guys... But I love Alex Wang. I mean, who doesn't?)

I consider myself to be a lucky kid because I grabbed those leggings from a lady that couldn't wear it at the dressing room. I mean, what the hell? It's the last slot of Alexander Wang x H&M with no replenishes and I got hold of the leggings, and the leggings were in my size. So lucky, right? Man, I'm not sure if I have finished my luck for this year. I hope not.

AND! I was lucky again, because the sandals were the last pairs and they were also in my size.

Oh my God. Thank you Lady Luck.

After buying the two items, I felt so good. It must be retail therapy. When I reached home, I went to eBay and saw people selling them at triple the price. Wow. That made me even happier.

I'm definitely going to style the leggings with the sandals, just like how the model above is wearing it. I was told by people that "you can't wear leggings with slippers". Yeah? I think those people need to eat their words back, because it's a trend now.

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