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Today, I went to Singapore's Digital Fashion Week (European Exchange). My school invited some students to join the event. I went to the event with a friend, called C.

While waiting for the first show to start, there were many people that were dressed up from head to toe. Everyone looked beautiful. I felt a little bit intimidated because I was wearing "casual" "street-wear". C was wearing a pretty black dress that looked a little bit formal.

The event was at National Design Centre, so, it's a pretty artsy fartsy place. The building sells a lot of works done by local artists. I recognized some works because I always went to art fleas. I'm not sure, but I think the place that sells the goodies is called Kapok. I saw Feist Heist items, YesahYesah items, and many more. Gosh. Feist Heist definitely caught my eye first. As you guys know, I love love loveeeee monochrome. I love layering as well. So, it's currently my favourite store.

After walking for a little while, C got tired. So, we decided to head outside the building to get some refreshments. Hahaha, Fiji Water.

Here are my thoughts on Fiji Water. It is expensive water. But, it's just water. BUT, when I got back home, my dad argued that it's "waters from Fiji island" and "clear natural spring water filtered by awesome forests". Okay, fine, Dad. But, I still think it's just water that rich people drink.

While hanging out around the refreshments, a guy recognized me and asked me to come over. He was selling ZIIIRO watches. I don't recognize him at all actually. He told me he knows that I like As I Lay Dying because he saw me wear their t-shirt before. Yes, I'm a metal head. I don't look like one, but I need metal in order to study. METAL RULES!!!!! 

C actually knew that he's from Temasek Polytechnic and knows his life story. Pretty shocked when she said that. While C and the guy were talking, I went to grab a shot of vodka. Oh my GOD. I have never drank vodka before. It tasted so bitter. However, after a while, I got used to the bitterness and actually liked it. Surprisingly, I didn't get drunk even though it's my first time drinking vodka.

C and I had lunch at a nearby TCC and my Triple Shrooms Baked Rice is just freaking plain cheesy awesome. It's the best thing evaaaa. However, I'm not really satisfied about their service though. It's kind of shitty. Just go there for the food, guys, go there for the food..

OH, and, after lunch, I had a freaking make-over at The Body Shop's booth. The make-up artist put some concealer on my face and some red lipstick. C told me the lipstick colour suited my skin tone. That's great. I'm planning to get the concealer because I can really see the difference with the concealer and without the concealer. (Note to self: It's the concealer that is the fairest of ALL)

Here's a selfie after my make-over:

Oh and yes, that is my pretty friend.

I also met a fashion blogger, Willabelle. (Fangirling mode: ON)

She told me I looked cute. Gaaah so happy. I didn't get a chance to see the other bloggers though, because I went  off after the second fashion show.

I met some new friends as well. They are also from the same school as I. I cannot wait to see them around in school.

Peace :)

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