Review: Black Milk Mermaid Leggings

"This product is no longer being made."

*heart shatters*

It's no longer being made. However, I'm still going to share to all of you about Black Milk clothing.

I knew Black Milk clothing since I was in secondary school, so, that's around 3 years ago. They were pretty new back then. Not a lot of people knew about them. I was introduced to Black Milk by a friend named J. (I love you J.) She was obsessed about the prints of the leggings. She bought her first pair of leggings and told me, "Once you start buying BlackMilk, you will never stop. It's an addiction. The quality of the leggings are really really good."

Yes! The quality of the leggings are reaaaaaally awesome. They're thicker than most leggings you see at F21, H&M, Zara, etc. I wore normal panties with my BMs before, No one noticed the panty lining.

It's definitely worth the price.

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