60 Years of Made In Italy

Today, I wore a dress from Ming Hui's shop. She sells female clothings at an extremely cheap price. It is always less than $10. Quote "preservexshopmh" for another additional 10% off! Yes, you can use this code even at clothes that are on sale.

You may view her items on Carousell: http://carousell.co/limminghui9909. She has served hundreds of customers and she is extremely friendly as well.

She also updates on surprise sales on her instagram: http://instagram.com/shopwithminghui

Anyways, I went for a small exhibit today at Scotts Square. S and I were expecting it to be a museum filled with a lot of clothes. It wasn't. It was rather disappointing. We needed to take pictures in order to prove that we did go to the exhibit (so that we get points for attendance). Thus, after a short photo shoot at the exhibit, we went to Tangs.

I found this dividers really attractive. It's gold-coated and it's a vanity divider. So cute. I definitely will get a pair when I get my own house. We decided to go to a Movember Flea (support mustaches!) at People's Park Complex. It was hosted by The Local People Singapore.

We took a bus from Tangs. I bought a few stickers at the flea from a few local artists. I support local art and I want Singaporeans to see art in a different way. Most Singaporeans think that it is more practical to work on a real business, for example, working in an office. Or, some traditional parents will want their children to pursue in Sciences/Law/Engineering.

After walking around for some time, S and I decided to get some drinks. We bought this SOI 55 Thai Milk Tea before the queue got long. Yes, the queues for food are really long. Singaporeans are mostly foodies and when they see a long queue, they immediately think that it's definitely good food. I haven't seen milk tea that is orange-red before, thus I tried it out. It's pretty good. It tastes like milk tea. But I wonder what they put inside the milk tea to make it orangey...

The Movember Flea definitely helped opened my eyes towards art and the future of Singapore art.

Oh, I also met new friends! Such as the owners of the stores. They recognized me as "preserve" on Instagram. (Do follow me if you'd like! :)) I also met an online friend which also loves art. Her name is K. K has the same fashion sense as I do.

I am happy that today went extremely well.


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