Marina Barrage

What happened today:
1. Sold things on Carousell
2. Went for a job interview
3. Went to Marina Barrage
4. The MOST real dinner ever

1. Selling things on Carousell
I am a really huge fan of head-wear, and recently there's a "bucket hat" trend. I didn't even expect it to become a trend. Before it was a trend, I just wore it on sunny days because I was lazy to get hats so I borrowed them from my mom. Yes, I wore my mom's bucket hat. Then, I think Rihanna wore it, and thus, it became a trend. She kinda 'sets' trends. Anyways, I had a bucket hat fetish for like about 4 months straight and then I realize that I have too many bucket hats. So, I decided to sell some away. I never even wore some before. It's just collecting dust in my wardrobe, why not just sell it to someone that would wear it more often?

2. The job interview
No no no this isn't the American-Korean racist movie. I went for a real job interview. I can't even believe I wore a floral dress. For those readers that are new, I have no colours in my wardrobe. Sometimes it's so difficult to find the nice little black dress that I just bought because it's hiding like somewhere in the pile of black clothes that I have. I think the interview went well.

3. Church outing

It was at Singapore's Marina Barrage. Most people fly kites there and have picnics. I came pretty late. Almost the entire life group was already there when I arrived. We just took photos and stuff. After half an hour, all of us started to leave. The thing is, I haven't had my lunch yet. So I was kind of like, digging for food at the picnic. Some people decided to leave first to go home, some of us wanted to have dinner together. Well, of course, I joined the people that wanted to have dinner together. There were four guys and three girls, including me. I was the hungry girl, the two other girls, Tasha and Cheryl were kinda just there to accompany me. Man, I love you two.

4. The dinner 
We went to JustAcia to eat. After a while, Tasha and Cheryl started to leave. I was the only girl left. I thought it would be awkward. But it wasn't. It was pretty fun actually. However, in the bad way. After that dinner I actually repented to the o lord mighty. Because whatever we discussed was pretty rude and ignorant. Shouldn't have even started the topic, but it happened. I mean, if you have four guys and one girl in a group, obviously the conversation will change to guy talk. Yeah, I "transformed" into a guy in the group. I actually promised that I won't speak about anything that we talked about during the little "illegal" gathering. So, I guess I'll just end this blog post like this.

Thank you for the day, Polydins. Love you all. Hugs and kisses x o x o

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