Longest day ever

What happened today:
1. Bowling at Kallang
2. Photoshoot at Victoria Concert Hall
3. Dinner alone
4. IT Fair with Dad

1. Bowling at Kallang

Woke up at 9am, because we're supposed to meet at 10.30am to make a card for Jolyn. However, the plan failed because everyone was late, except me (yup). Thus, we decided to make the card another day. We decided to have some brunch before we ice-skate. (yes we actually met up to ice-skate FIRST) However, Yi Jia was so late that we couldn't buy the tickets anymore because the ice rink was full of people. We had till wait to 1.20pm.

After a long discussion, we decided to go bowling instead. I suck at bowling. I only striked once, the others were all into the gutter. Yi Jia won. After the game, we queued up and bought the tickets as it was 1.20pm. The queue was pretty long. I couldn't join my friends for ice-skating because I had to go for a photoshoot with Aidil.

2. Photoshoot at Victoria Concert Hall

Thank the lord I went

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