Vesak Day / Planting my first avocado tree

Happy June, guys. I saved an avocado seed the other day and decided to plant it today - 1st June 2015. Read on if you're interested in gardening, and want to know more on how to plant an avocado seed in Singapore (omg yes it's Sunny all year).

How to get started?

1. Buy an avocado from your local supermarket. I bought mine at NTUC Fairprice. The avocado that I'm planting is a Hass Australian avocado. Tastes awesome, I tell you. I can eat an avocado like a pear.

2. The avocado needs to feel squishy (but not too squishy) when you squeeze it.

3. Cut the avocado into half, saving the little pit inside the avocado.

4. **Note** Remember where is the top and bottom of the seed.

5. Wash the avocado seed to remove any pulp! If there's any pulp remaining, the pulp will turn into mould.

6. Insert several toothpicks into the sides of the seed, just like what I did on the image above.

7. Suspend half of the seed in a glass of water.

8. Place it wherever there is good light.

And that's all!

I'll update you all on the progress of my avocado soon!

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